Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Video Review of Malindo Air

Malindo Air had started flying since March 22nd this year. JunnyT managed to fly with them and had made a video review in the form of vlog! It was his first flight with Malindo Air.

Although Malindo Air is a low cost airline, it just don't want to be one (except for the price *grin*). Departing from the KLIA main terminal, it is currently offering flight between Kuala Lumpur<=>Kuching and Kuala Lumpur<=>Kota Kinabalu. check out Malindo Air promotion

He was full of praises on Malindo Air flying experience. Some of his notably comment are:
  • Malindo Air offers FREE counter check-in, baggage check-in and aerobridge boarding.
  • bigger leg room in Malindo Air's economy class seat.
  • FREE in-flight entertainment ~ latest blockbuster movie, drama series, songs and more
  • Malindo Air passenger can use the FREE in-flight entertainment to connect and play games with other passengers onboard (besides chatting!).
  • FREE in-flight refreshment.

Check out his vlog below :-

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